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  1. The SIA is dead, long live the king!!!! This week the SIA has announced their plan to hold a conference to enable all interested parties to share their views to help the transition to the ‘new regulatory regime’ To help us to give our views we will each be charged the princely sum of £192. They very kindly throw in lunch for that fee, and assure us that this is a ‘No profit option.’ I am interested to know why they feel it is appropriate to use a very prestigious venue in the heart of London to host the event. Come to my training rooms, 5 minutes from the M3 motorway with loads of free parking, I can save them a fortune.

    For an organisation that is not privately owned it seems to me the SIA has always had one eye on the profit column, and has based its operation around that. 

    Still enough moaning, we are still delivering our Maybo Approved Disengagement Training for Door Supervisors, and other SIA programmes, but we are watching this space with great interest. With my strong policing background I have been waiting for the SIA to announce the details of the training requirements for Private Investigators, it worries me that with the forthcoming demise of the SIA it may not happen! We shall see.         

  2. Well I am starting to feel a bit more like it following my bout of flu. Getting into the office is still a bit of a struggle, staying there more so. I find I need a sleep half way through the afternoon which really amuses my wife. Creating new content is always demanding mentally, probably because being creative is taxing  itself. What I love is being able to create something new that delivers real learning, and as I get closer the end of the writing process and I can see how the delegates will be taken right round the Experiential Learning Cycle and get to the end with real learning I do get excited. I really enjoy developing new training products, but not quite as much as taking it into the classroom to see if it works or not.  That should always be the final tester, does it work?  That pleasure is awaited for the programme of learning I am writing for a London based company who are looking for a conflict resolution type training course built around their most innovative spray device. The course is interesting in itself because the product must can only be used in an defensive way which means Conflict Resolution has to be the way forward, it is a most interesting commission.     

    Next week I am off up to Yorkshire to deliver training for some friends who have asked me to deliver Lone Worker training.  I am really looking forward to it. I have seen the course and it is a whole lot of fun both for me but also for the good folk attending, so I should drive home with a big smile on my face.