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  1. I am doing some work on a really exciting project where I am filming my Police Promotion study lessons to put them up on line as part of a complete learning experience. With each film there will be a full set of visual aids, accompanied by PowerPoint slides with the important points on, still photographs and even video footage to illustrate where relevant.  This will all be accompanied by regular breaks in the lesson to test the knowledge so far using a downloaded knowledge check.  At the end of each lesson will be a number of four option multi-choice questions, so the customer gets the full package, high quality learning, with the ability to check their learning before moving on.  One criticism is that there is no-one to ask questions of if the viewer is not sure of something. Well, we have thought of that, and there will be direct e-mail to the tutor, and a regular on-line forum held via webcam with everyone gathering in a virtual room.

    When I sell my courses to serving police officers I find I only ever get about 75% attendance, because the rest are on shift. With this fantastic new system officers can access the learning 24 hours a day7 days a week at a time that is convenient to them.

    When we filmed the first lesson the producer said to me 'I am not sure about the small pictures you have included at the foot of the slides, are they really necessary?'  I believe so strongly in illustrating any learning experience, be it by examples, or pictures, it is so important to illustrate your work. They say a picture is worth 1000 words, and each of my little thumb nails was totally relevant to the words on the slide.  They stayed!

    Many years age I was teaching a group of police officers 'Presentation Skills' and during the lesson on visual aids I explained how important they are. How they break up your presentation, help memory recall and aid concentration.  I told my group ‘Always try to have the real thing, but if you can't a picture or a model will do really well.’  As they went through their final presentations it was clear they had all taken this message on board, and I watched happily until Jane stood up to do her presentation.  She chose to do it about her Rhodesian Ridgeback dog, and produced lots of photos, his lead, his bowl and explained what a wonderful companion he was. Right at the end she said, 'But Phil told us we should always have the real thing if possible, and as she said that, the door opened and in he bounded. It was a wonderful demonstration of the power good visual aids, and is still firmly planted in my brain some 30 years later, well done Jane.  A good visual aid is worth its weight in gold.  



  2. The SIA is dead, long live the king!!!! This week the SIA has announced their plan to hold a conference to enable all interested parties to share their views to help the transition to the ‘new regulatory regime’ To help us to give our views we will each be charged the princely sum of £192. They very kindly throw in lunch for that fee, and assure us that this is a ‘No profit option.’ I am interested to know why they feel it is appropriate to use a very prestigious venue in the heart of London to host the event. Come to my training rooms, 5 minutes from the M3 motorway with loads of free parking, I can save them a fortune.

    For an organisation that is not privately owned it seems to me the SIA has always had one eye on the profit column, and has based its operation around that. 

    Still enough moaning, we are still delivering our Maybo Approved Disengagement Training for Door Supervisors, and other SIA programmes, but we are watching this space with great interest. With my strong policing background I have been waiting for the SIA to announce the details of the training requirements for Private Investigators, it worries me that with the forthcoming demise of the SIA it may not happen! We shall see.