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  1. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic New Year celebration.  My Christmas was a lovely family time with the added bonus of the flu. A most generous gift brought to my home by one of my guest.  It was a gift that rather like the last licorice allsort I was not able to pass by, and consequently my proud 25 years without a day off sick is no more. Three days flat out in bed followed by over a week so far of feeling under the weather was not the way I planned to spend my  time off.

    Actually I had no plans to have much time off. Typically, just as I was thinking it might be a nice restful time two companies contact me to ask if I could write an urgent training programme for them.  One is now at first proof phase, the other has now been mind mapped, and once I have finished the blog will start to take shape. Both projects are really exciting but I could not bring myself to think about them at all as I lay upstairs  barely able to keep my eyes open. Once I started to feel a bit more like it, I found the ideas starting to flow, and sustained by those licorice allsorts I was able to make some progress.  Lets hope it is a sign of things to come.

    Happy New Year one and all.