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  1. NPPF Sergeant – Inspector Exam 2017

    Week 9

    General Police Duties Chapter 5

    Powers of Arrest, (Including Code G) and other Policing Powers

    General Police Duties Chapter 7

    Entry, Search, and Seizure


    This week we have just two chapters from the General Police Duties to study and they are Chapter 6, Powers of Arrest (including Code G) and other Policing Powers, and Chapter 8, Entry, Search and Seizure. They are big in terms of both volume and importance.  

    Until a couple of years ago these chapters all made up one very big chapter on Policing Powers, but the writers of Blackstone’s made a very wise decision and separated them out into separate chapters.

  2. NPPF Step 2  Sergeant – Inspector 2017

    Week 8

    Crime Chapter 7

    Firearms and Gun Crime

    Crime Chapter 8

    Racially and Religiously Aggravated Offences

    Crime Chapter 9

    Non Fatal Offences Against the Person


    This week, three chapters from the Crime syllabus book.  They are Chapter 7 Firearms and Gun Crime, Chapter 8 Racially and Religiously Aggravated Offences,  and lastly Chapter 9, Non-Fatal Offences Against the Person  

    So let’s get started with Chapter 7 Firearms and Gun Crime.  Where to begin, well Firearms and Gun Crime has historically always been a good subject for the examiners too, so let’s start there.

    You should have worked out by now that I am a big fan of learning definitions off by heart, and there are a lot of definitions in this section, they need to be added to your collection of index cards with definitions written on that you take with you where ever you go. Get to know them so you can recite them word perfectly. It makes applying a question to the law so much easier if you can do so confidently, and that comes from old fashioned rote learning.  I have always believed it has its place, and this is it!