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  1. NPPF Step 2  Sergeant – Inspector Promotion Exam 2017

    Week 7

    Evidence and Procedure   Chapter 3


    Evidence and Procedure   Chapter 4

    Court Procedure and Witnesses

    Evidence and Procedure   Chapter 5

    Youth Crime and Disorder


    This week we are back to normal, and you have three chapters to look at from the Evidence and Procedure Syllabus Book. They are Chapter 3 Bail, a much tested chapter historically, Chapter 4, Court Procedure and Witnesses, and finally Chapter 5, Youth Crime and Disorder

    The first chapter this week is Chapter 3 Bail and it is a particularly detailed one which is not an easy topic to understand. It is also very practical, so the examiners will expect you to have an understanding of it, and historically they have tested it a lot.  A lot of this chapter is aimed at Custody Officers, which I am sure is a rank and position you are aiming to leave behind.


    NPPF Step 2 Sergeant to Inspector Blog 2017 Week 6

    Week 6

    General Police Duties Chapter 4

    Human Rights

    General Police Duties Chapter 7

    Stop and Search


    We only have two chapters to look at this week and both are from the General Police Duties Blackstone’s Syllabus Book.  The first is Chapter 4 Human Rights Act, while the second is Chapter 7 Stop and Search

    So lets get right on with it.  The previous Government announced about 6years ago that they intend to do away with the Human Rights Act, and to replace it with a British Bill of Rights.  I know for certain that a working party was set up to look at how it should best be done, but it clearly is a slow process.   

    However as you study this week’s first chapter ask yourself the question, could we as a country do without this article, or this one, or maybe this one.  I think that is why it is such difficult job to make the right changes. As far as your exam is concerned this is a much too important a piece of law for either you or your examiners to ignore.