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    OSPRE Part 1 Constable to Sergeant Exam 2018


    Week 10



    Blackstone’s Volume

    Chapter Heading

    Crime Chapter 10

    Miscellaneous Offences Against he Person

    Crime Chapter 11

    Sexual Offences

    Crime Chapter 12

    Control of Sex Offenders


    This week we go back into the Crime Blackstone’s Syllabus book to look at the three chapters.  Firstly, Chapter 10 Miscellaneous Offences Against the Person, Chapter 11, Sexual Offences, and finally Chapter 12, Control of Sex Offenders. 

    The first chapter this week is Chapter 10 Miscellaneous Offences Against the Person.  It is a short chapter, but has an interesting variety of offences in it.  Torture was in the news for quite a while until recently, with the rendition flights stopping off in the UK before taking people off somewhere else.

  2. Executive Guidance 

    NPPF Step 2 Constable to Sergeant Exam 2018 

    Week 9 


    Blackstone’s Volume

    Chapter Heading

    General Police Duties Chapter 4

    Human Rights

    General Police Duties Chapter 5

    Powers of Arrest, (including Code G Codes of Practice and other Policing Powers)

    General Police Duties Chapter 6

    Stop and Search


    This week sees us go back into the General Police Duties Blackstone’s Syllabus book and take in another three chapters, firstly Chapter 4 Human Rights, secondly Chapter 5 Powers of Arrest (including Code G Codes of Practice and other Policing Powers) and finally Chapter 6 Stop and Search.  Just by reading the names you can tell how important they all are. So much so, that this week I could just write ‘Learn it all this week, and learn it well.’    

    Our first chapter this week is Chapter 4 Human Rights.  I know the present Government have publicly stated their intention to revoke the Human Right Act, and replace it with the British Human Rights Bill.  The work is well advanced, but right now, for your exam the Human Rights Act is still an important part of your syllabus.