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  1. We have already booked the venue for our weekend Crammer Courses for the run up to the exam in October. They are booked to take place on the two weekends immediately before your big day on the 30th September and 1st of October 2017 as well as on the weekend of the 23rd and 24th September 2017. 

    We limit numbers to make sure you get the chance to ask questions, and if there are specific chapters that you want us to cover, where ever possible we will include them in our weekend.  So if you are thinking about coming on one of them please make sure you book a place. They will sell out fast.

    Time moves very quickly in the wonderful world of study we are now three weeks into the programme and that means there are now only 149 days to go until you are actually taking the exam. Now that’s a scary thought. 

  2. Executive Guidance 

    NPPF Step 2 Sergeant to Inspector 2017 

    Week 4 


    Blackstone’s Volume

    Chapter Heading

    General Police Duties Chapter 1

    The Policing Family

    General Police Duties Chapter 2

    Complaints and Misconduct

    General Police Duties Chapter 3

    Unsatisfactory Performance and Attendance


    This week sees our first look into the General Police Duties Syllabus book, and the first three chapters.  The first Chapter 1, The Policing Family, is a recently enlarged with content being moved in from other chapters. Chapter 2 Complaints and Misconduct sits very well with our last chapter this week, Chapter 3 Unsatisfactory Performance and Attendance. 

    So our first chapter this week, Chapter 1 The Policing Family, is an interesting one, with one or two good pickings for the question writer.  

    The section on the Police Federation and Trades Union Membership is a good area for your question writer.  We all know a Police Officer cannot belong to a Trades Union, something that is reinforced in the Human Rights Act, but actually that is wrong, if consent of the Chief Officer is given and the officer was a member prior to joining, they may remain a union member. Now we all know in real world policing it is highly unlikely that the Chief Officer would ever give their consent, but in Police Promotion exam world anything is possible.