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  1. NPPF Step 2 Sergeant – Inspector exam 2017 Weekly Blog 

    Roads Policing Chapter 4

    Reportable Accidents

    Roads Policing Chapter 5

    Drink, Driving and Drugs

    Roads Policing Chapter 6



    Roads Policing is an important topic in you exam, because you have less syllabus topics to deal with and therefore, I would suggest you need a greater knowledge of the topics.  The first two chapters this week are both historically heavily tested by your examiners.

    We start this week with Chapter 4 Accidents and Collisions.  This is only a short chapter, but as I have already indicated, one which is historically very well tested.  The definition of a ‘Reportable Accident’ is one of those that if you don’t know off by heart it would be a good thing to do.  I know it is long and involved, but having that safely tucked away in your memory would be a good fall back. It would also be worth while getting to know the offences that relate to this definition.  Add it to the list of definitions you have on your index cards, and take some time to get to know it.

  2. NPPF Step 2 Sergeant – Inspector 2016

    In association with Executive Guidance Ltd

    Week 12

    Evidence and Procedure Chapter 6

    Exclusion of Admissible Evidence

    Evidence and Procedure Chapter 7

    Disclosure of Evidence Exclusion of Admissible Evidence

    Evidence and Procedure Chapter 9

    Identification  PACE Code D


    So here we go week 12, and the mid-way point in our series of articles to help you towards success in your Sergeant to Inspector exam in October.  This week, three chapters from Evidence and Procedure, starting with Chapter 6, Exclusion of Admissible Evidence.  The second chapter we look at this week is Chapter 7, Disclosure of Evidence Exclusion of Admissible Evidence, and finally Chapter 9, Identification  PACE Code D.    

    You will have noticed a gap in the programme for chapter 8, which is a big chapter, both in actual size but also in importance, so I have left that to a week where it can sit all on its own, and be studied by itself.