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Category: NPPF Step 2 Sergeant to Inspector Exam 2017

  1. NPPF Step 2 Sergeant to Inspector Blog 2016, Week 18

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    NPPF Step 2 Sergeant – Inspector 2017

    Evidence and Procedure Chapter 8

    Detention and Treatment of Persons by Police Officers   PACE Code C


    Well, just the one chapter to look at this week, but what an important chapter it is.  It is massive, both in terms of the amount of content, but also because of its relevance.  It is a chapter that gets tested very regularly, and that says it all. You will find it in The Evidence and Procedure syllabus book, and it is Chapter 8, Detention and Treatment of Persons by Police Officers, PACE Code C. Because it is so important I have deliberately not paired it up with another chapter so you can focus fully on this important chapter for a full week.

    Right at the beginning of the chapter you will find the definition of Police Detention, and I would start by adding that to the growing collection of index cards of definitions to learn, that you have.  Everything else sits around this definition, and it is the basis of a lot of police actions.

  2. NPPF Step 2 Sergeant to Inspector Exam BLOG 2017 Week 15

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    NPPF Step 2 Sergeant – Inspector 2017

    Week 15

    Crime Chapter 13

    Child Protection

    Crime Chapter 14

    Theft and Related Offences

    Crime Chapter 15



    Well I have just returned from my annual cycle ride from London to Paris, raising money for an amazing charity called Action Medical Research.  It was a total of 4 days cycling across some wonderful French countryside arriving in Paris the day before the Tour de France arrived. That has meant I have fallen out of sequence so this is playing a bit of catch up, hence two Blogs on the same day..

    Best get back to why we are here, and this week we have three chapters from the Crime syllabus book, they are Chapter 13, Child Protection, Chapter 14, Theft and Related Offences, and finally this week Chapter 15, Fraud. 

    The first chapter this week is Chapter 13 Child Protection, and we should start by taking a good look at the section about Child Abduction.  The two sections ‘Connected with a Child’ and ‘Appropriate Consent’ are both good areas for a question writer to get their teeth into. There are lots of areas that are easy to test in these two sections so get to know them well.  The keynote summarises the section really well. If you don’t read anything else, read that!