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Category: Police Service of Northern Ireland, Sergeant to Inspector Promotion Assessment Blog 2016

  1. PSNI Part 3 Sergeant to Inspector Blog 2015 Week 12

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    OSPRE Part 2 Constable to Sergeant Blog 2012

    Week 12

    Last week we looked at the first two pages of a typical OSPRE part 2 station and I set you two tasks to do. This week we will carry on looking at the pages as we plan our response to the information supplied.  I asked you to write down the substance of the meeting, so having done that, what are you concerns.

  2. PSNI Part 3 Sergeant to Inspector Blog 2016 Week 11

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    PSNI Part 3 Sergeant to Inspector Blog 2016

    Week  11

    In the last blog article I posted two pages from a typical OSPRE Part 2 station. Before you start to look at what the words are, there are a number of basic questions you need to ask yourself, some of which we have already looked at.  Firstly, “Who am I?” and secondly “Who am I going to meet?”

    Why are those important? Well in each station you are an Inspector, and you need to act and think like one, so turn on those Inspectorly thoughts. How would you deal with this problem as a Inspector? Will it be any different from the way you deal with things as a Sergeant

    There are a number of questions you need to ask before you start to deal with the paperwork, such as  Who am I going to meet? Why is this important?  If you were really going to hold a meeting with someone, you would prepare to meet that individual.  In this case you are going to meet Constable Crosby.