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  1. Police Investigators Blog Week 3

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    NIE Blog 2016

    Week 3

    Police Investigators Manual Chapter 9



    This week we are back to normal, and you have three chapters to look at from the Evidence and Procedure Syllabus Book. They are Chapter 3 Bail, a much tested chapter historically in both the promotion exam and also the Investigators exam,

    Bail is a particularly detailed chapter which is not an easy topic to understand. It is also very practical, so the examiners will expect you to have an understanding of it, and historically they have tested it a lot.  A lot of this chapter is aimed at Custody Officers, but as the Investigator you will need to understand this too.

  2. Police Investigators Exam Weekly Blog Week 1

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    National Police Investigators Exam

    Week 1


    Chapter Number  

    Chapter Heading


    State of Mind


    Criminal Conduct


    Incomplete Offences


    Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000

    1.5  (1.5.1. to 1.5.4)

    Entry Search and Seizure



    Welcome to the first in our NEW series of Blog articles to help you pass the National Police Investigators exam. Here at Executive Guidance we have been helping Police officers pass their important exams in one guise or another for over 35 years.  Going back many years the company founder Phil Waters was a sergeant working in the Surrey Constabulary training department when he put together his first course to help officers from his own force pass their Sergeants Exam.