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NPPF Step 2 Sergeant to Inspector Blog 2016, Week 18

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NPPF Step 2 Sergeant – Inspector 2017

Evidence and Procedure Chapter 8

Detention and Treatment of Persons by Police Officers   PACE Code C


Well, just the one chapter to look at this week, but what an important chapter it is.  It is massive, both in terms of the amount of content, but also because of its relevance.  It is a chapter that gets tested very regularly, and that says it all. You will find it in The Evidence and Procedure syllabus book, and it is Chapter 8, Detention and Treatment of Persons by Police Officers, PACE Code C. Because it is so important I have deliberately not paired it up with another chapter so you can focus fully on this important chapter for a full week.

Right at the beginning of the chapter you will find the definition of Police Detention, and I would start by adding that to the growing collection of index cards of definitions to learn, that you have.  Everything else sits around this definition, and it is the basis of a lot of police actions.

The whole section on Detainees Property is a good section to get your teeth into, and excellent hunting ground too, for a good question writer.  When I went to training school at the start of my time in the Police Service, I was told Property was one of the top three things that get Police Officers into trouble, and I am sure that remains the case.

There are lots of Powers contained within these chapters, and the first ‘Inspectorly’ Power to be added to your list of Role Specific powers is contained in the Paragraph about the Right to be Help Incommunicado. As an Inspector you have the power to delay that right. 

You also have a role to play in the Right to Legal Advice when the Solicitor has not arrived, or cannot be contacted, and the interview needs to start right away. The Inspector also has a role to play if the suspect decides not to consult with a solicitor after all, and consequently asks for the interview to proceed directly.

But the area where I would love to write a question in this section is the misbehaving solicitor in interviews, and there is no Superintendent available, what do you do as the Duty Inspector?

The reality of it is that there are a lot of ‘Inspectorly’ powers contained in this section, make sure you know them, some may seem obscure, but the examiners like that, they are looking to really test you. 

The whole issue of Reviews falls firmly at the Inspectors feet so make sure you know Review Time, and to go with that, the issues around Relevant time.  Your colleagues in the Channel Island of Guernsey have had the good sense to only operate one time, making the whole process much easier to manage. Mind you they do only have the one Police Station.  Sadly you need to know both, so make sure you understand when and why they apply. 

A good way to learn this whole section is by working up some circumstances, once you have those apply the law to them and see which one of the legal options applies to which set of circumstances.

Annex A is another area rich with topics for the enterprising question writer.  Make sure you know fully all your Inspectors powers, and how they can be applied.

Intimate searches can only be conducted after authorisation, and Inspectors give that authorisation. The Class A Drug category for searching is an interesting one, remember it is a Class A drug for supply or export, NOT for their own use.

There is so much to look at in this chapter, and you really do need to know it. Take your time and get it back in your long term memory.

I could write for days about the content of this chapter, but I am just going to say that it is a really important chapter, and one that needs its own week in our Study Programme, so take your time this week and get to know this really well.


We have talked in these articles about revision.  Now is a good time to make your plan.  There is only one chapter to look at this week, so draw up your revision plan now.  People involved in personal development say if you have a plan, you are significantly more likely to achieve your goal.  There are only three weeks of routine study to go before we get into the four structured weeks of revision before your exam. I told you this would go very quickly!  Build those into the revision timetable you draw up, and post it on the wall in your study area.   

At this point I get very predictable and dull and issue my standard health warning, I am giving you some suggestions about areas to look at, sadly I know as much about what will be in your exam as you do, and that is why I am very reluctant to suggest you study only banker subjects. I know there are companies out there who boast that they can tell you want is in your exam, and I am here to tell you the only people who know what is in your exam are the team at Harrogate who wrote it, and they are not telling anyone.

I have been helping police officers pass this exam for over 30 years, either from within the job, or on a commercial basis through my company, and that has always been my mantra, study the lot. 

I regularly Tweet about Part 1 offering legal hints and reminders, and you can follow me @ExecutiveGuidance if you would like to. I try to make sure the Tweets reflect the subjects we are looking at each week.  Once again we have had some new followers, so thank you for join us.

You are almost at the end of your programme of study and as of today there are only 47 days to go until your exam.  You will be amazed just how fast those days fly by, so make sure you stick with the programme.

Here at Executive Guidance we have been helping Police Officers pass their exams for a long time successfully training for the Promotion Exam, as well as running Crammer weekends for National Investigation exam candidates.

We have already booked the venue for our weekend Crammer Courses for the run up to the exam in October. They are booked to take place on the two weekends immediately before your big day on the 30th September and 1st of October 2017 as well as on the weekend of the 23rd and 24th September 2017. 

If you want to reserve a place please either contact me by e-mail exams@executiveguidance.co.uk or give the office a call. The number is on the company web-site.     

Motivational Quote

Our motivational quote this week comes from Henry Ford, and it is one of my real favourites, he said

Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re probably right.

Having studied with this programme for 18 weeks, I am sure you can, you need to believe it too!

See you next week.

Phil Waters

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