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Planning and Running Meetings

Do you have to plan and chair meetings?  If so then this practical workshop is the one for you.  There is so much more to organising the venue and sending out the minutes of the last meeting.  Have all the tasks from the last meeting been completed? Are all the important people able to come.  How do you deal with that really difficult person who sits near the door and is always totally disruptive?

There are so many aspects to meetings and this workshop will deal with all the ones delegates ask us to do.

There is are two great advantages to this workshop, firstly the really great reviews delegates have given it, and secondly for every booking made and paid for,  Executive Guidance will donate £10 to MacMillan Cancer Support  

To save your place on this course follow the link to the Contact Us page on our web-site and send you details to Avril in our office, or call us on 01252 658 246 .