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Effective Communication Skills

This two day highly participative workshop will help anyone who has to give a presentation in any connection at all. We will work with you on the topic you are presenting about, and help you to polish it until it shines. Learn about how to plan a simple presentation, with an introduction, the main body and a conclusion. How should you illustrate you presentation. But most important of all, how will you know that the audience has actually understood what it is you are telling them about.

Why is this workshop two days long, because we want you to practice what you are learning on line with the models of adult learning.

To see the full Learning Outcomes for this workshop please follow this link to the Executive Guidance on-line shop.

To save your place on this course follow the link to the Contact Us page on our web-site and send you details to Avril in our office, or call us on 01252 658 246 .