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New Courses for Police Officers Studying for Their National Investigators Exam

(January 04, 2012)

In the introduction to his excellent Mock Examination publication about the National Investigators Exam,  David Pinfield comments that ‘few products to assist candidates (for the National Investigators Exam) and those that exist are designed for Part 1 Sergeants.’

Our National Investigators Exam training courses

Well not any more!  Here at Executive Guidance we have two specific products that will help candidates pass their exam first time.  Firstly a 14 week fully supported National Investigators Exam distance learning course will provide you with a study guide to take you through the very large syllabus at a sensible pace, and is supported by weekly exam questions, a regular weekly article e-mailed to your desk top and your own dedicated tutor to help with those difficult areas you are not happy with.   

We now also offer a weekend Crammer Course trained by NIE Trainers.  Three half day sessions of teaching culminating in a full mock exam taken under exam conditions with questions written by fully trained question writers.          

All this is scheduled to end the weekend immediately before your exam, and all this covered by the unique Executive Guidance ‘Pass First Time Promise’

For more information visit the Contact Us pages.  To book your place visit our on-line shop.  

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