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Part 3 Promotion Exam Weekend Workshop

What can we do to help you get your much deserved promotion?  If your Part 3 follows the same format as the Constable to Sergeant Stage 3 in 2015 you will be faced with three phases, Situational Judgement exercises, a Briefing Exercise, and four OSPRE Part 2 type stations.

Situational Judgement exercises.

The time spent on Situational Judgement exercises when we came to Belfast last year was not worth the value they were in the overall scope of the Assessment (only 2% of the total mark) Because of that we intend to deal with this by way of Distance Learning, followed by a face to face debrief once we get started.  We have plenty of situational judgement exercises for you to look at and would be happy to supply some more if you don’t really get it after the first session. (Although we are confident you will get it, even then a bit more practice is never a bad thing) 

Briefing Exercise

Being able to carry out a really good briefing is a really important skill for any aspiring Inspector, so it needs some time spending on it. However that is the one thing we do not have lots off, so, again, we will mail out the briefing information out to you in advance, and you can prepare your briefing beforehand.  On the first morning you will do your briefing to the tutors and the rest of the group.  Once you have done that you will get constructive feedback and an action plan to help you do it even better on the day. 

OSPRE Part 2 stations        

This is where we really are in our element. We have been training OSPRE Part 2 very successfully for over 15 years. I think we are probably the last man standing in this field. We write all our stations from new, which ensures they are all up date. We will talk to a representative of the PSNI to make sure that what we bring will be completely relevant to your needs too.

Our plan is that because this part of your assessment carries the greatest percentage score we will dedicate the majority of our time looking at them. That way we can be sure you are as properly prepared for you Part 3 as we can get you to be.       

We also have a lot of our old OSPRE Part 2 stations that were prepared for England and Wales Police Forces which we will happily send out free of charge to any one who signs up for the workshop. Please note these are not customised for PSNI matters but will still provide a good insight for you, and an opportunity to practice before your exam.

If you have not signed up for the course we can still supply them to you for a small fee. 

Any additional OSPRE Part 2 stations supplied will be sent out to you by e-mail, unless you specify that you would prefer then sent traditional mail, in which case just let us know.

Weekly Blog

As you get closer to the date of your exam in September we will start to publish our weekly blog written to take you step by step through the process and designed to complement the 2 day weekend workshop.  At the moment Executive Guidance are the only place Police Officers in England and Wales can go to get a free weekly blog aimed at getting them through the NPPF Step 2 Promotion Exam.  Last year the blog was very well received. We very much hope this years will be too.   

What do you have to do now ?

The number of delegates on the workshop determines how many trainers we send out to you, so please do not leave it too long to save your place.  We need to be sure the people we send you are the best and most experienced we can find, so the more notice we can get will go a long way to providing you with the best service we can. There are only two things that you need to do. 

Firstly send an e-mail to letting us know of your interest.  Once you have done that we will send you details of how to make the £50 deposit payment to our PayPal account. The full cost of the weekend will be £250 of which £50 is the deposit. 

What next      

Keep watching the Executive Guidance web-site we will keep you all up to date on all developments.