Police Service Recruitment

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So you want to be a Police Officer?

Do you have your date for the Police Search Recruit Assessment Centre?


Phil Waters was the Recruitment Sergeant for Surrey Police, assessing potential candidates and helping them through the process, so he is well placed to give you all the help and support you need.   

First of all make sure you check out our free Fact sheet that you can download right here.  This contains helpful handy tips and advice for all three stages of your application process.  


We offer three different packages to offer

1. Application check list.    To book this package alone please follow this link.        

2. Assessment centre one day workshop.   To book this package alone please follow this link.

3. Written test help sheets. 


Cost as follows

 Application Form Check and Advice Service   £25 
 Assessment centre one day workshop  £130 
 Written Test help sheets £25 

However if you book all three we will give you a £20 discount making the total price £150

To book all three packages for the discounted price, please follow this link



We are pleased to announce dates for our one day Police Recruitment Workshops for the first half of 2016.  To reserve you place, please use the Contact Us page or call the office on 01252 658 246.   




          27th May 2017

      Camberley,                      Surrey

           Places available

           24th June 2017

      Camberley,                    Surrey

            Places available   

 The whole recruitment process is designed to have a pass rate of 50%. That means one in two FAIL.  If that is you the wait for another go is 6 months, so make sure you are not on the wrong list.  Sign up for our course and make sure.  

Since we relaunched this side of our business we have enjoyed a 100% success rate. As a result we now have some great people who have passed their assessment for both the Regular and Special Constabulary using Executive Guidance help, who have joined us as 'New Recruit Mentors' to help our next set of clients to achieve the same success. 

We asked one of successful clients if they found the Executive Guidance training workshop helped them pass the assessment, they said "One hundred and ten percent yes!"  


For more information use the Contact Us page of the web-site or call the Executive Guidance office on 01252 658 246.